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About Me


David Miller, Edmonton Financial Planner

David Miller, BFS, CFP®, R.F.P, CIM®
Edmonton Financial Planner

As an Independent Financial Advisor, my duty is to put your interests first and to build you a financial plan that makes sense, without product sales targets affecting my advice.

My goal? To safeguard the dreams you strive to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate.

I can save you time and energy by providing objective advice based on a deep understanding of your situation and incorporating your whole net worth. Quite simply, I provide peace of mind.

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.),
I'm a professional advisor, not a professional salesperson. Financial planning has been proven to have a tangible positive effect on the financial and mental health of individuals.

As a Portfolio Manager at Cardinal Point Wealth Management, I provide you with a completely objective investment strategy that is customized to your goals using only the best investment solutions available. 

As a fiduciary, I put my client's interests first by providing advanced financial advice that is simplified and easy to understand.

I work with a small, select number of families, business owners and pre-retirees in Edmonton alongside a highly experienced, independent, multiple award-winning, wealth management team at Cardinal Point Wealth Management (

Connect with me for a complimentary 15-minute chat, where I can complete an initial needs assessment for you and either continue the conversation to see if you're a fit for our financial planning and portfolio management platform, or arrange an introduction to one or more fee-only financial planners who will meet these needs and work with you.



I work with Cardinal Point Wealth Management, an independent Canada-U.S. wealth management group of companies created to service the sophisticated needs of high net-worth families. Our financial advisors adhere to the fiduciary standard and recognize the interconnectedness of your wealth, family, interests, and values.

Our general process is as follows:

Following the Six Step Financial Planning Process, a comprehensive financial plan is created based on your income, assets, age and goals that suit your lifestyle. This includes areas such as:

1. Retirement Planning

2. Tax Minimization Strategies

3. Estate Planning

4. Insurance Analysis

5. Education Planning

6. Cash Flow/Debt Management

Custom portfolios are then implemented for your plan based on your risk tolerance and optimized for tax efficiency. This ensures your assets are aligned with your plan.

From there, ongoing regular reviews are set with unlimited access to myself and our team. Portfolios are managed on a discretionary basis and are strategically rebalanced.

Fee only


"I appreciate ‘fee-only” financial planners are a rare breed, as recently noted that out of approx. 90,000 financial advisors in Canada, about 25,000 call themselves financial planners, 18,000 of which are accredited Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), and only 300 are further accredited as advanced financial planners (RFP)… but there are only ~150 fee-only financial planners offering advice only in the whole country, or one for every 244,000 Canadians! (0.17% of all financial advisors.)" - Tim Faunt

While these statistics continue to evolve, it does explain why there is always a strong interest in the fee-only financial planning environment with people seeking unbiased planning advice - people want clear advice, not recommendations tied to product sales.

Fee-only planners are generally un-registered individuals that will create a plan for you but cannot legally recommend or implement the investment strategy ie. they still refer you to a 3rd party portfolio manager. Now you have one person creating the plan, and another who may implement some, none or all of it, on their whim.


With Cardinal Point, we are fee-only planners with the added bonus that professional investment management is included with our service. The plan we create is implemented, monitored and updated by one person ensuring the entire overall plan is driving in the same direction. 


Our compensation is derived solely from fees paid by clients, not from products or 3rd party commissions, allowing us to provide unbiased and objective advice.

I will create a holistic financial plan to optimize every aspect of your financial life, provide an objective assessment of whether you’re on track to reach your goals, and provide implementation and accountability for your wealth management strategy. 

You will never know the cost of free advice, but good advice is priceless.


Contact us


Please connect with me and we can set up a time to chat by phone or Zoom. 


Let's discuss what you are looking for and I will help you get there.


After our initial discussion, I will let you know what information we require and how we can work with you including our fees and a timeframe to get you underway.

I strive to be fully transparent and unbiased while professionally considering all of your options and what service makes the most sense for you.


I invite you to contact us via the email form below and strive to respond the same day. Thank you for your interest.

Planning + Portfolio Management

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A Bit About the Late Tim Faunt

The legacy of Tim Faunt, a friend and financial planner, lives on through this site and is dedicated to him and his fight for unbiased solutions.


Tim passed away in April 2020 after losing his fight with brain cancer. What follows is an extract of the introductory text on his website to help keep the memory of his impact alive:

“As a Fee-Only / Fee-for-Service Certified Financial Planner...I’m a professional advisor, not a professional salesman, unlike pretty much every other financial advisor you will ever meet. In fact, I’m unlike at least 99.83% of them.”

- Tim Faunt  July 29, 1966 - April 6, 2020 

I am committed to these principles as a professional advisor, providing unbiased financial advice, with transparency on fees, no product sales, and ongoing, comprehensive financial planning.

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